Spices & Mixes

Red Beans Mix
Can cooking red beans & rice get any easier? Add 12 cups of water to the mix, meat if desired, simmer for 2-3 hours, and serve!
Dirty Rice Mix
Never heard of dirty rice? How about rice dressing? Well, in the South, we eat it all the time. If you don’t have gravy but still want to serve rice, this is perfect to serve with your meal. Just brown your meat, add water and the contents of the package, and simmer for 25-30 minutes. It is practically a meal in itself!
Shrimp Creole Mix
THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Need a simple way to prepare seafood? This impressive mix needs nothing but shrimp (or other seafood), water, and one can of tomato sauce. A true taste of New Orleans.
Jambalaya Mix
Jambalaya is an old Louisiana tradition usually made with special spices and meat, then cooked to perfection with rice. Now, the secret recipe is out…and available to you. This mix makes an amazing jambalaya. Just brown your meat then add water and the contents of this packet. In 20-30 minutes it is ready to serve.
Ragin' Cajun All Purpose Cajun Seasoning
THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. This spice is a unique blend of herbs and spices and is truly a mild all-purpose seasoning without the heat other seasonings have. Enjoy the flavor of the South at every meal.